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QB64 development build - Changelog

Upcoming version is currently identified as v2.1, but that number may change before release.

New features

All platforms

  • Implement the _Bin$ function as counterpart to &B prefixed number strings. Usage is analog to the legacy OCT$ and HEX$ functions.
  • Save Watch Panel position and size.
  • Add $NOPREFIX support for $COLOR.
  • Allow changing color of menu panels and dialogs (Options->IDE Colors).
  • Add support to different number formats in Watch Panel and Watch List dialog (dec/hex/oct/bin).


All platforms

  • Fix function LOC returning wrong values when used on physical files.
  • Fix glitch in syntax highlighter mistaking variable names with scientific notation.
  • Fix Variable List dialog's "Add All" button not properly considering the active filter.
  • Fix wiki update feature.
  • Fix issue with Sub/Function parameters in Declare blocks with $NoPrefix.
  • Fix issue with Sub/Function parameters without types after As.
  • Fix issue with capitalization of array names in LBound/UBound calls.
  • Fix capitalization of 'To' in Case statements.
  • Fix indentation issue in disabled precompiler blocks.
  • Fix crash when a variable was deleted between $Debug sessions.
  • Reenables selecting a line by clicking the line number bar when $Debug is not used and the Auto-add $Debug metacommand feature is disabled.


  • Fix building static libraries when installation path contains spaces.