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6 Color properties
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The color properties hold _UNSIGNED LONG values representing the _RGB32 color that will be used to print a control's caption or text. You can also pass color values using hexadecimal values (using the prefix &H) directly.

Foreground and background

Control(ControlID).ForeColor = _RGB32(Red%, Green%, Blue%)
Control(ControlID).BackColor = _RGB32(Red%, Green%, Blue%)

Selected items

The SelectedForeColor and SelectedBackColor properties refer to selected items in lists and menus.

Control(ControlID).SelectedForeColor = _RGB32(Red%, Green%, Blue%)
Control(ControlID).SelectedBackColor = _RGB32(Red%, Green%, Blue%)


Some controls can have a border around them, and you change its color using the BorderColor property:

Control(ControlID).BorderColor = _RGB32(Red%, Green%, Blue%)