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1 MessageBox Function
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Displays a message to the user and returns a value indicating the button that was clicked.

FUNCTION MessageBox& (Message$, Title$, Setup AS LONG)

Not specifying Title$ will have the message box inherit the main form's title/caption.

Setup is a combination (button + icon) of:

  • Buttons, which can be MsgBox_OkOnly, MsgBox_OkCancel, MsgBox_AbortRetryIgnore, MsgBox_YesNoCancel, MsgBox_YesNo, MsgBox_RetryCancel, MsgBox_CancelTryagainContinue, MsgBox_CancelTryagainContinue.
  • Icons, which can be MsgBox_Critical, MsgBox_Question, MsgBox_Exclamation, MsgBox_Information

The possible return values are: MsgBox_Ok, MsgBox_Cancel, MsgBox_Abort, MsgBox_Retry, MsgBox_Ignore, MsgBox_Yes, MsgBox_No, MsgBox_Tryagain, MsgBox_Continue.

All combinations of the above work as expected in Windows. For macOS and Linux, you only get OkOnly and YesNo for buttons.

Sample usage:

            Answer = MessageBox("Do you love QB64?", "", MsgBox_YesNo + MsgBox_Question)
            IF Answer = MsgBox_No THEN
                Caption(Label1) = "I'll give you some more time to fall in love."
                Caption(Label1) = "We do too!"
            END IF